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Real State

In our team, we have lawyers specialized in the field of real state law, aligning academic knowledge with practical experience in conducting and law development of real state ventures, assisting our clients from the acquisition of raw material (ground) to the delivery of the product to the final client, including the elaboration of diverse contracts applicable to all stages of structuring of any real state development.

Among our specialties, we emphasize: due diligence in the necessary documentation for the acquisition of urban and rural properties; performance before the real state registry, Public Ministry, City Hall, etc.; drafting of contracts of property acquisition, such as barter, purchase, lieu of payment, etc.; elaborating and managing contracts of residential and non-residential lease, built to suit; elaborating specific contracts regarding the development of shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, etc.; consulting in the structuring of real state incorporation, allotment, segregate estate; constituting real state guarantees; obtaining financing and securitization; elaborating contracts of construction.”

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