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A careful contract management of a company allows mitigating the legal responsibility of the entrepreneur. On celebrating a legal business, there are risks taken that may be reduced through an adequate elaboration of a contract, which must foresee everything possible and perform the adequate distribution of duties and obligations between the contracting and the contracted in light of the current legislation and aiming equilibrium and contractual good faith. By legal management of contracts it is understood the set of techniques, procedures and controls that aim the correct and effective administration of all variables involved in the contracting, both in the pre and post-contract, such as in the execution of the contract. In the pre-contract stage we perform the analysis of descriptive memorial, list of providers, and the analysis of documentation of the contracting companies; in the contractual stage, we perform an elaboration of the specific contract, in case of follow-up support in the contractual relation and the deadlines, including the negotiation and elaboration of contractual additives; and in the post-contractual stage, we perform an elaboration of the respective term of termination of contract, and delivery of services, as well as follow up of guaranties and post-contractual obligations. At last, for a better service and transparency in the relation with the client, the office provides a program of online contractual management, in which the client, with a passcode, can monitor, in the internet, both the pre-contractual stage, as well as the execution of the contract and the post-contractual stage, being notified of the established deadlines.

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